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Books that Teach, Assess and Guide

Books that Teach
All subjects are indexed into chapters and topics

For each topic, there are:

> Concept Notes (Theory)

> Solved Examples

> Practice Problems

Learn instantly from Best teachers from complete
concept wise explanatory videos.

Bookmark important videos and revise them
whenever you need.
Books that Speak
Books that Evaluate
A comprehensive assessment includes:

Chapter wise tests

Mock Exams

Previous years Exams

All India Test Series

Get ahead of the competition by recognizing your
scoring areas and improving your areas of improvement

All concepts learnt and questions attempted are followed
by comprehensive reports

The analytics engine tracks and bookmarks each mistake
or guess

It analyses all learning gaps and patterns which restrict
scoring in exams

Books that Track
Books that Guide
Smart Books are very powerful!

They live track your performance and compare it with all
competitors & toppers to help understand the current
preparation level.

It also shows your current preparedness in each subject,
chapter and topic.

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