AIIMS 2020 – AIIMS Preparation Tips

For the students dreaming of making a career in medicine, AIIMS being the elite-brand of medical colleges in the country is a dream of lakhs of aspirants to begin their journey.


AIIMS stands for All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

There are currently 15 AIIMS colleges in India. These are autonomous government public colleges funded by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Government of India.

They are the pioneer institutes and most sought after in the field of medical sciences.

Such is the charm and charisma of AIIMS that, according to a report, 3.4 lakhs students appeared for the AIIMS entrance exam in 2019 on just 107 seats.

AIIMS, in short, is that golden opportunity in the field of medical science, which many dream of, but only a few get it.

But mind it, these few can’t be and should not be labeled as lucky ones.

It is their hard work along with the right strategy and discipline that helped them cracks the exam to get into their dream college.

“That’s what we understand very well at Scobotic and the reason why we have come up with a few tips on how to crack AIIMS 2020.”

Eligibility for AIIMS

Till 2019 AIIMS had a separate exam for admission in the 15 prestigious AIIMS institutes studded across India.

But recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Development has made provisions under which there will be no separate AIIMS entrance exam as it used to be till now.

Instead, admission in MBBS (UG) courses in AIIMS from the academic year 2020-21 onwards will take place through a common and uniform National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test conducted by National Testing Agency.

The mode of the examination will be online with a time limit of 210 minutes.

Subject-wise AIIMS Preparation Tips

Knowingly or unknowingly students start their preparation at the time they choose the medical stream in the 11th standard.

Because the syllabus for the 11th and 12th is the same as for the AIIMS or now NEET.

But as the exam is around the corner, it is high time to start rigorous preparation with a strategy if you are aiming for the AIIMS.

The competition was fierce when AIIMS separately conducted the exam. But after the induction of AIIMS in NEET, the competition is going to be neck to neck.

This time the aim is not just to crack the exam but also to top the exam.

Here are a few AIIMS entrance exam subject-wise tips devised by the team of experts at Scobotic to help you beat the exam.

Preparing Physics for AIIMS

physics for aiims

Physics, as everyone knows, is a concept based subject. That’s why, while preparing for Physics, the first step is to read a particular section.

After getting a thorough understanding, note down whatever you learned in a very crisp and compact form. Make a separate sheet of all the formulas.

Another crucial thing while preparing for physics is practice. Once your concept is clear, bring them in use by solving various problems.

The more you practice, the more confidently, accurately, and quickly you would attempt the physics section in the exam.

Preparing Chemistry for AIIMS

Chemistry for AIIMS

Chemistry is a concoction of theory, numerical, graphs, and, most importantly, reactions and their mechanisms.

So it becomes imperative while preparing for chemistry that you must memorize all the named reactions and their mechanisms on your fingertips.

In fact, we would suggest that you must revise by writing down again and again.
Don’t forget to give equal importance to the periodic table as many questions, including numerical, involve the atomic and mass numbers of the elements.

For theory and graphs, start with NCERTs. After that, you can move on to online courses or study material such as Scobotic Smart Books.

Preparing Biology for AIIMS

Biology for AIIMS

Now comes the indispensable part.

Biology for AIIMS or now NEET plays the same role as oxygen for humans. Make this subject your forte as it is not only going to be helpful in the exam but after the exam also.

NCERTs are the best if you want to build a base or clear any fundamental doubts. All the experts and last year toppers stress on the habit of making your handwritten notes.

Once your basics are clear, you can opt for reference books or even better Scobotic
Practice all the questions of biology from previous years’ question papers. Start giving mocks while trying to excel in your knowledge of Biology.

General AIIMS Preparation Tips

  • According to exam experts and toppers, NCERTs are the stepping stone towards cracking any competitive exam.
  • Make a strategy and follow it religiously. Always remember nothing can replace consistency and discipline.
  • While preparing, it is vital to keep an eye on you progress and your weak points. Mock tests will prove helpful in evaluating your overall preparation.
  • Work on speed and accuracy too. Always keep in mind that every second and every mark is going to count.
  • Practice and revision is the key to crack this exam. But it is equally essential to take breaks and keep you motivated throughout the preparation phase.


So, students, these are a few tips, if you follow with all your heart, can prove helpful in clearing AIIMS 2020.

Last, we would like to add that strategy, practice, speed, accuracy, and confidence is what you need. Keep yourself motivated, and find the time to relax your mind and body too.

There might come phases where you will feel exhausted and tired, but don’t let exhaustion and tiredness come in between you and your dreams.

We at Scobotic Smart Books wish you all the best for future endeavors.

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