How to Stay Motivated and Focused in your drop year for JEE/NEET?

Every year concerned departments conduct NEET, JEE, and many other competitive exams. Students work hard day in and day out to fulfil their dreams. Coaching institutes, personal tutors, and experts lay out the unbeatable study plan, courses, tests and whatnot. From parents to relatives and friends, everyone around an aspirant has a lot of tips and tricks up their sleeves to crack the exam.

But the subject of equal importance that almost everyone forgets to talk about is the stress and dilemma the aspirants go through during this time. And if the aspirant is a dropper, the uncertainty and doubts looming over the future doubles.

A dropper not only feels stressed out under the mountain of the syllabus but also lives the stigma and stereotypes that come along with being a dropper.
That’s why we choose to talk today about the mental health of the droppers. We have decided to talk about how droppers feel and what they should do to keep their motivation high in their drop year.

NEET droppers have to understand that it is quite ok not to feel ok at times. You are at such a tender age that you might often feel overwhelmed just by the thought of being a dropper. The same applies to JEE droppers.

Another thing you have to understand is that you are not alone in this. All of us feel anxious and stressed at times for one reason or another. That’s why it is not possible to feel happy and motivated every moment.

But you have to devise tricks to get out of the anxious zone as soon as you realize that you are not feeling yourself.

Here are a few tips on how to step out of the vicious circle of depressing thoughts immediately:-


  1. As soon as you realize that you are feeling demotivated, get out in the open. It would be best if you can go for a walk or run in nature. Doing this would instantly uplift your mood and make you feel motivated.
  2. Experts often advise students to keep pushing their limits from time to time. And we are in full favour of pushing boundaries. But students should understand that the right way of pushing limits is by taking some time out from time to time. That’s why make sure to pamper yourself through games, food, movies, or anything you like.
  3. Relatives, parents, their expectations and habits of comparing their child with others can make NEET droppers as well as JEE droppers miserable. At such times, it would be great to remind yourself that everyone is unique, and so is their time of success. Don’t be hard on yourself and keep doing the hard work that is going to ensure your success.
  4. Another thing that makes JEE and NEET droppers anxious is their marks in the mocks. But remember, mocks are not to make you uneasy but to show you your weak points. That’s why instead of feeling demotivated from bad marks, take them as a challenge. Challenge yourself to improve your scores in mocks. After all, all this preparation is for the final exams.
  5. Sometimes, droppers feel a lack of guidance and question their decision of dropping out. At such a time, all you need is a helping hand who can listen to you and remind you of the reason or dream because of which you decided to give a shot to JEE and NEET. Or you can imagine yourself studying in the college of your choice. It would certainly help you to stay motivated.
  6. Keep calm in the situation when you find a subject, chapter, or topic hard. Try to devise tricks or get help with difficult segments. Remember, there is no shame in asking for help. To make this step hassle-free, you can subscribe to Scobotic Smart Books apps. Not only revision modules, but Scobotic Smart Books also offers micro-learning courses, mocks, and preparedness graphs for droppers to track their growth.
  7. The last but not the least tip will be to indulge you in games, meditation, and yoga. Researches have proved that these activities relieve stress, anxiety, pressure and increase your focus, confidence, and will power. Therefore, take out some time daily for a hobby or a sport which you like.

Keep calm and stay focused. This time too, shall pass. But your choices and hard work at this time will decide if you emerge successfully or not. That’s why it is equally important to work hard and remain focused at the same time.

Our advice is to put your 100% percent so that whatever may be the outcome, but you can happily tell yourself that you gave your dream all you had. It is not about society, relatives, teachers, friends, or family. It is only about you.

You have to live with your choices for the rest of your life. That’s why stay immune to society, relatives, and everyone else and their expectations.

In the end, we would like to add that your focus should be only on the action. Don’t worry about the outcome.
The team of Scobotic Smart Books wishes you all the best.

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