Smart Tips on Time Management during NEET Exam 2020

The majority of students who have appeared for NEET or any other competitive exam complain that they faced difficulty in completing the exam in the stipulated time. That’s why one of the most frequently asked questions by the aspirants is “How to manage time in the NEET Exam 2020.”

Undeniably, the art of managing time efficiently, or smartly as we say it should be, is crucial for students if they want to crack the exam. Therefore, the Scobotic Smart Books has come up with Smart Tips on Time Management during NEET Exam 2020.

Before Exam:-

Preparedness is the Key

The first and foremost requirement to manage time in NEET 2020 is the preparedness. Students ought to thoroughly cover and then revise the syllabus for all three subjects that are Physics, Biology, and Chemistry before the exam.

Either you can cover your syllabus from NCERTS’s or even better Scobotic Smart Books. Scobotic Smart Books not only have comprehensive theory notes, but you will also get free video courses, solved examples, and practice problems.

The better understanding you have about a particular chapter or topic, the faster you will be able to solve the questions in the exam.

Practice Makes You Better

Another critical step that requires your attention before the exam is practice. The more you practice, the more quickly you will decide to either solve the question or leave it for the later.

Another benefit of the mocks comes in the form of awareness. Students must be familiar with the question paper pattern. And in this regard, giving mocks proves immensely helpful for students making them aware of the pattern as well as frequently asked questions.

Doing these two steps with full sincerity will boost not only the confidence but also the focus while attempting NEET 2020, saving your time.

During Exam:-

The Correct Time To Mark The Answers

Circle the correct answers in the OMR sheet as soon as you solve a question. Some Students strategize to mark the right answers in the OMR sheet in the last. But our advice for students is not to wait till the last. Only leave those questions for the last or unmarked in the OMR sheet, which you find difficult to solve.

Easy vs. Difficult Problems

Students should solve the easy questions first and leave the difficult ones for the last. Believe it or not, but leaving the questions which you find difficult will save a lot of time.

After you have solved all the questions from all three sections, that would be the best time to invest in those difficult questions. And you never know, one problem you were finding difficult earlier might seem easy after some time.

Moreover, the best way to use your time efficiently is by attempting all easy questions in as little time as possible so that you can give more time to the difficult one.

Dividing Time Between Sections

Students should divide their time through all three sections. Allot each section a time limit that you find fitting.
For example, for the majority of students, Biology takes the least time, while Physics takes the most time.

Mock tests can help students find out average time they take to solve a particular section. Try not to cross the allotted time for that section. Remember, at every moment that there are other sections too which you need to cover in the stipulated time.

If you can’t solve all the questions of a particular section in the allotted time, do not worry, you will have enough time in the end for revision and challenging problems.

Avoid Silly Mistakes

In a hurry to attempt the question paper fast, sometimes students make the silliest mistakes. It could happen due to two reasons-stress or haste or both.

But making these silly mistakes could influence your score negatively. That’s why you should remain relaxed as well as alert during the exam. First, read the questions carefully before answering to avoid silly mistakes.

So, students, these are a few tips which will help you big time in managing time efficiently

The best way to ensure that you would follow these in the NEET 2020 is by practising them through mocks. So our last tip will be to implement these tips in the mock test papers so that they could come quickly and naturally to you.
Doing this will guarantee you that you don’t lose your crucial time in the exam.

The team of Scobotic Smart Books wishes all the students all the best for the NEET Exam 2020.

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