Smart Ways to use Mobile Technology for Competitive Exams Preparation

With the competition for Exam Preparation increasing every year, it has become a demand more than a choice to upgrade our exam preparation as well as the preparation methods. With NEET 2020 around the corner, it is high time to cut down the practices that consume time.

Students who aspire to become future engineers and doctors need to change the course of competitive exam preparation from the conventional approach to now technologically driven methods.

Leading as well as budding coaching institutes and even independent tutors have already shifted their focus towards the online classes. And it is not merely a belief but a conclusion based on reliable facts that students can benefit more from mobile learning apps than regular offline courses.

To prove our point, we have listed a few reasons which will convince you to switch your preparation method if you have not yet.

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Convenience and Flexibility

The first and foremost reason for the popularity of mobile learning apps is convenience. You can access the study material anywhere and anytime.

It saves you time too. Many students have to travel for hours to reach the classroom. Mobile learning technology has made it possible for these students to cut on the travelling time and invest that time in actual preparation.
Owning to the flexibility and convenience of mobile learning apps, it has become the most suitable method to prepare for JEE Main in a short period.

Video Tutorials

Have you ever heard people talk that smartphones equal to a window for an entire world in our pockets? Well, if not the entire world, then we are sure that we have multiple classrooms in our pockets.

There are hundreds of video tutorials available for JEE main 2020, NEET 2020, and AIIMS 2020 on platforms like youtube, apps, and websites of institutes.

Many institutes regularly post short lectures as well as effective learning tricks in the form of videos. On the contrary to offline classes, you can watch these tutorials again and again at your leisure. These online video courses have little to no fee. And this feature has made competitive exams preparation possible for those students who can’t afford sky-high costs of regular classes.

Study Material

E-books have revolutionized the world of competitive exams preparation. All the famous publications and writer’s books are available online in the pdf form or E-book form. These are inexpensive and easy to carry where you go, unlike the traditional study material. These E-books are portable, which means you can share it with your friends too.

One such app that can immensely help students is Scobotic Smart Books. Scobotic Smart Books has study material curate as per the latest syllabus guidelines. The team of experts has designed everything thing in an easy and interesting fashion so that every student can get benefited.

Mock Tests

Students must be aware of the fact that concerned departments like NTA are conducting exams in the online format.
So it is only smart to prepare in the same format as the final exam. Practice mocks as well as previous years question papers are available online.

These online mock tests and practice question papers help you adapting to the transition from offline to online.
They also facilitate the analysis, weak points, and solutions of the attempted mock tests.
Video tutorials explaining the questions of previous year exams available online can help students clear their doubts in a click.

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