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Smart Books has over 600 videos covering each and every topic individually with in-depth teaching adapted to online based learning. Each chapter is sub-divided and assorted into various topics, making it simple to learn each concept, easy searching and bookmarking. Smart Books teaching is provided by top teachers in the country with over 20 years of experience in the domain and guiding thousands of students towards achieving their dream college. The language used is bi-lingual, thus catering to a wider audience and the concepts are delivered in a crisp and comprehensive manner of teaching.

Smart Book subjects are divided in a hierarchy of Books, Chapter, Topics and Sub-Topics.

Each topic video is provided along with its notes that highlight all the important concepts and formulae discussed in the video, solved illustrations for explaining the practical application of the concepts and practice problems for thorough preparation based on exam requirements.

Concept Videos

Smart Books also recommends videos to student’s based on their recent learning pattern, upcoming topics and important topics as per exam-trends.

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