Scobotic ‘Digital Homework’ application is a complete academic product for teachers and institutions. Developed and promoted by an enthusiastic and capable team led by IIT and IIM associates, it takes the complete responsibility for daily homework and assignments with its unique content & technology. This helps in creating an amazing connect between the teachers/institutions and students & parents.
CONTENT Specially designed content with Digital Learning Modules for all concepts in a chapter. Each module contains concept notes, illustrations and practice problems.
TECHNOLOGY The best edu-tech platform using artificial intelligence with a highly user-friendly design. The intelligent technology has been created after a rigorous analysis of more than 3 years.
OUTCOME Build an Intelligent Classroom which identifies all learning gaps and ensures students participation & learning. Thus achieve greater student performance, better results and higher enrolments.


For Teachers & Administration:

> A tutor/institute can seamlessly share homework or assignment with any student or group of students in 3 simple steps which takes less than 30 seconds.

> Homework can be shared in the form of Micro-learning modules containing theory, examples and practice assignments; or it can be customized as per requirement.

> Institute receives real-time information regarding the current assignment status of any student along with exhaustive performance reporting.

> Institutes can view and monitor the performance of tutors in addition to the performance of students.

> Institutes can save the entire printing cost on the assignments.

For Students

> Students receive automated notifications as soon as an assignment is shared.

> Regular reminder messages are sent to the students in case of non-completion of assignments.

> A Rewards platform has been integrated for the students. The students earn reward coins on the completion of each assignment. These coins can be redeemed on the customizable reward shop of the institution.

> The platform also acts as a Learning Management system where the institution can provide videos or other learning resources to the students within the application.

> The performance details are instantly shared with the institution along with in-depth analysis to ensure proper remedial actions are taken immediately.


Scobotic Digital Homework App is designed specifically to facilitate assignments completion on regular basis. Some of the key distinctions are:

> The ease-of-access for teachers to share any assignment to as many students in less than 30 seconds.

> Artificial Intelligence backed analysis to identify the exact problem areas of each student at grass-root level.

> Automated reminders at regular intervals for students who do not complete their assignments.

> An engaging rewards-platform to motivate students to complete assignments regularly and win exciting rewards.