About Smart Books

  • 1) What is Smart Books?
    a. In an age where technology touching and changing our lives in the most basic things we do, from phones to rockets, so why should education which is one of the most basic necessities to lead a better life be any behind? Just as people are progressing from landline-phones to Smart-Phones, from televisions to Smart-Televisions and from cars to Smart-Cars, we present to you Smart-Books – Books that Teach, Assess and Guide. (more can be written).

  • 2) What is Scobotic Technology?
    b. Smart Books utilizes one of the strongest underlying technology – Scobotic Technology, to provide accurate and crucial analysis of each student about their conceptual clarity, problem-solving strength, reasoning ability, measure of accuracy and time-utilization and management through artificial intelligence that adapts itself to each student’s learning curve.

  • 3) Why choose Smart Books?
    a. Smart Books has over 600 videos covering each and every topic individually with in-depth teaching by the country’s top teachers, adapted to online based learning.
    b. Smart Books also offers a range of practice modules designed for exhaustive testing and performance enhancement, bearing in mind the most important aspects of a student’s preparation.
    c. Including access to All India Test Series – the most advanced app-based online-test series for JEE and NEET.
    d. The Smart Books Preparedness Optimizer shows the score the student would achieve if he/she were to appear for the exam on that day.

  • 4) I go to a coaching class, should I use Smart Books?
    a. Coaching classes and school teaching is always accompanied by self-study, which is equally important in your preparation. Coaching, school and regular-books have limited scope of understanding each student, Smart Books makes learning completely personalized for you. You can learn or practice anytime, anywhere; resolve doubts 24x7 and take tests with millions of students. Smart Books not only teaches but also learns about you, identifies and adapts to your needs and grows with you to help you achieve your study goals.

About Pricing and Payment

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