Smart Books for JEE & NEET
Scobotic Smart Books are ‘Must Have’ for every JEE and NEET aspirant. In a highly competitive environment where every student needs to master maximum concepts in limited time, Smart Books provide instant learning solutions to the students.

Students have theory notes, videos, solved examples and practice problems with solutions for all concepts in a chapter.

Students also get a comprehensive practice section with Chapter tests, Mock exams, Previous year papers and All India exams for complete exam practice.

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Digital Homework Application
A unique academic product for teachers and institutions, developed by IITians and academic exports, that takes complete responsibility for daily homework/assignment/DPP with its unique content & technology.


Specially designed content with Digital Learning Modules for all concepts in a chapter. Each module contains concept notes, illustrations and practice problems.


The best edu-tech platform using artificial intelligence with a highly user-friendly design. The intelligent technology has been created after a rigorous analysis of more than 3 years.


Build an Intelligent Classroom which identifies all learning gaps and ensures students participation & learning. Thus achieve greater student performance, better results and higher enrolments.

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The Most Advanced
Online Test Series
for JEE Main | JEE Advanced | NEET | AIIMS

Scobotic ‘Online Test Series’ is India’s leading innovation driven product. Over the past 5 years, our team has helped more than 30,000 JEE aspirants to achieve theirdream colleges. Our platform boasts of state-of-the-art technology and thorough analysis & feedback for examination skills. Specially designed content is researched & regularly updated by a team of specialists. It contains:

All India Test Series

Adaptive Learning Zone

with 40,000+ questions

150+ Chapter Tests

Mock Exams

Previous years Exams

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