Practice Modules

Smart Books offers a range of practice modules for comprehensive practice. The modules are designed for exhaustive testing and performance enhancement, bearing in mind the most important aspects of a student’s preparation – conceptual understanding, memorization of essential data, accuracy of results and management of time. The questions covered in the modules range from Easy to Difficult to test the fundamental understanding as well speed-practise at each level of difficulty.

Smart Books’ Practice Modules are divided into sub-modules, ranging from chapter-wise tests, full subject tests and full-syllabus tests. Student’s also get access to All India Test Series the most advanced app-based online-test series for JEE and NEET.

With the power of Scobotic Technology, the practise modules adapt to the student’s current level of preparation, focussing more tightly on the student’s weakness while building confidence and assurance on their strengths.

Revise by Subjects

Revision modules help students to bookmark the videos, notes and questions they would like to revisit in an assorted and convenient manner.

Bookmarked Videos

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